I’m an education administrator by profession, a wife, and a mom who is proud to raise her two kids in a community like Tega Cay. Strong, close-knit, full of neighbors and not strangers, Tega Cay is unique for its recreational lifestyle, access to amenities, and countless events. It’s a beautiful, safe place to raise a family, and I want to pitch in to help “the good life” our city is known for to flourish to its greatest extent.

The secret is out on our beautiful little city, and good management means recognizing that there will be new opportunities and new challenges in the upcoming years. The roadmap for future growth has largely been approved already, but within those outside lines we need to foster economic development that will keep the tax burden on residents as low as possible, work on our infrastructure and services, and support the full and part-time employees who work hard every day to make Tega Cay a better place.

Attracting and retaining the best employees, including the police and fire professionals who put themselves at risk to keep us safe, is a vital step to ensuring our city operates efficiently and effectively. Just as we roll out the red carpet for great city staff, we need to work to make sure businesses find Tega Cay a great place to work, a profitable place to stay, and a worthwhile place for their employees to raise families of their own.

Our residents are the heartbeat of Tega Cay. As your councilmember, I want to make sure that your voices are heard and that your concerns are addressed quickly. Here to help, easy to reach, and willing to work, I look forward to putting my best efforts forth to make Tega Cay a great place to live the good life.

Heather Overman