My husband Danny and I are incredibly blessed to be able to raise our family in Tega Cay. We have two little ones: a four-year-old son named Gavin and a three-year-old daughter named Peyton. For the rest of their lives, Tega Cay will be their hometown, and I am excited for the opportunity to make it a place they can always be proud of.

My professional background is rooted in education administration, including serving as the Director of Student and Financial Services at the University of Phoenix campus in Charlotte. This position demanded the ability to long-term plan and taught me a great deal about how to manage a budget and oversee a staff. After leaving the University of Phoenix, I worked at York Technical College in Rock Hill. As the off-site admissions counselor for two counties, I worked with young people in the area to help make their vision for the future come true.

Danny and I grew up in Ohio, where I received my BA from Baldwin Wallace University. We’ve been in the Charlotte area for more than a decade and in Tega Cay for nearly as long. Family and community are central to our lives, and I count myself fortunate to be able to spend most of my time watching my children grow. Volunteering is also a passion of mine. Over the past year, I have led a toy drive for a local domestic violence shelter, gathered supplies for the Fort Mill School district, and worked to raise funds for other local organizations. I’m hopeful that this campaign will not only help me find more opportunities to serve the Tega Cay community, but also help me meet more neighbors who are ready to get to work to make our city the best it can be.